Getting Started

Our First meeting!
What to bring to our first meeting? Just yourselves! 
What is this meeting for? This a no-obligation meet and greet - I can briefly explain the ceremony and paperwork processes. You might do the same with other Celebrants - it's important for you to make a connection with your celebrant, to feel at ease when talking about your special day! 
 We can meet pretty much anywhere. My place, your place, work or coffee shop. I'm totally comfortable with any of these. The most popular choice is the relaxed atmosphere of a coffee shop.
OK. Let's get a bit creative!
let's get to know you both a little. This will gently get us going on the enjoyable journey to writing your special, personal, wedding ceremony. Most important! - how did you both meet? Where did you meet? Quirky bits about each other. Favorite hobbies, present, and in the past. Favourite music. Memorable holidays that you both have shared, and those memorable and funny things that happened! This is the start of the process. There's no rush. I will provide ideas on vows and readings, rituals etc... this will assist you on your creation of vows.
Completing the NOIM Form
For the NOIM (Notice Of Intended Marriage) form you will need to bring the following documentation...
 If you were born in Australia - Birth Certificate or Certified Copy OR current Australian Passport 
 If you were born overseas, you must produce either an original birth certificate or current overseas Passport. 
 If you are an Australian citizen but were born overseas, we use your "country of birth" Passport. 
 If the birth certificate is not in English, this must be accompanied by a certified translation. 
 If either the bride or groom is divorced, they will need to bring their Divorce papers
 If either the bride or groom has been widowed, they will need to bring the Death Certificate of their previous spouse. 
 If you do not have your birth certificate and born in Australia it is easily obtained from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

(By the way, I will usually bring the NOIM Form with me when we first meet)